How Deep Tagging Your Online Catalog Increases Sales Conversions

By Avital Rabani, VP of Marketing

Have you ever asked a customer to try to explain a specific item of clothing without a visual example? They might get the color right, but after that, the description quickly gets confusing for you, and frustrating for them. 

After all, how do you describe the exact skirt and blouse you want when it has ruffles but not really, and it has a scoop back with fabric crisscrossing in a really neat pattern? You don’t because fashion is visual, and thus words are limited to describe it! 

The problem is that most websites and online shops still use the traditional form of search and navigation based on text. And for the 76% of American adults who shop online, this can be extremely limiting when it comes to searching for the product they want.

When e-commerce retailers can update their intuitive search based on visual product attributes, the entire game changes. It empowers both online shoppers and retailers to connect better, and it’s all thanks to high-quality deep tagging.

What Is Deep Tagging And Why Does It Matters To Online Shoppers?

Deep tagging offers rich attributes on elements such as neckline, sleeve type, skirt length, color, pattern, and more. It uses computer vision and AI to automatically map and extract a rich and accurate set of product attributes. Most of these attributes do not exist in the generic text tags products have.deep tagging technology increases sales conversions

Enabling product search and discovery based on visual attributes makes it more intuitive and effective by easily filtering out items that don’t fit the exact criteria for a more accurate search. It alleviates shopper frustration and creates a more personalized shopping experience based on effective product discovery and personal style DNA.

For example, let’s say your customer chooses product attributes such as yellow, balloon sleeves, dress, buttons, and v-neck. With deep tagging, the power is at their fingertips to find the exact item they want. With every visual discovery cue they select or remove, your online store will narrow down your product catalog, redefining their search results. Shoppers can turn cues on and off or add several cues as a combination as they go along until they find exactly what they want. Based on rich product attributes, shoppers will also benefit from a personalized style-based recommendations including similar items and complete the look. visual search navigation technology increases sales conversions


Why Deep Tagging Matters To Retailers

Using computer vision and AI to automatically tag a catalog is fast, scalable, efficient, and reduces operational costs. Deep tagging transforms a manual and very labor intensive task for retailers into a high-end computer vision and AI technology solution. These tags also enrich the product data and can be used for SEO so that your products will be found much easier.

In addition, a deep-tagged catalog decreases customers’ “shopstration” from the shopping experience, increases the average order value (AOV), and can help you make significant gains in conversions. For example, REVOLVE improved their conversion rates up to 16% by integrating Donde’s deep tagging-based Visual Search Navigation.

Better Planning With Style-Based Retail Data

Not only does deep tagging make shopping easier for your customers, but it also provides retailers and merchandisers with detailed style-based insights into buying trends and preferences. You’re able to leverage more accurate product data to better understand your shoppers' behaviors. What this means is that you can plan your inventory and stock better, only purchasing what your customers want.

Deep tagging helps you make better business predictions and forecasts because you can analyze sales, product, customer, and inventory information based on detailed style attributes. It gives you a holistic view of your entire store, so you can make your business more of a style expert and less of a warehouse.

Personalized Shopping = Better Customer Experience

By enriching your shopping catalog with deep and accurate visual tags, you can help your customers more easily discover products they actually want, which translates into more personalized product recommendations. Based on each customer’s most popular style attributes, as indicated by their deep tagging attributes, you can identify their unique style DNA. From there, you can more accurately connect your customers with your products, which increases your revenue, so instead of offering recommendations based on “what other people clicked on” you now offer style-based recommendations. 

For example, when Forever 21 used Donde Search to create the deep tagged “Discover Your Style” app, they were able to increase their average purchase value by 20%. They did this by allowing shoppers to narrow down their clothing search by clicking on visual search icons related to deep tag categories.

Deep Tagging Makes Visual Sense 

For online shoppers, retailers, and merchandisers, deep tagging technology can be a dream come true. It creates a more effective and intuitive search compared to text-based attributes that commonly hinder the product discovery experience. It makes visual sense out of visual things like fashion.

And on the business end, deep tagging helps retailers more easily gather data and attribute-based insights on their products, shoppers, sales, and inventory, for a more effective shopping experience. This translates into delighted customers who convert and spend more. It also means you receive insights that help you make better business decisions based on more accurate sales forecasting.

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