Garmentory Partners with Donde Search to Empower its Online Marketplace with AI Visual Technology

By Liat Zakay, CEO & Founder at Donde Search

We are happy to announce Garmentory as our new partner that will leverage our AI Visual Discovery solutions and the support of more than 15,000 different product features across the fashion categories to offer a leading edge digital commerce shopping experience.

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Garmentory brings the best indie boutiques and emerging designers from around the world to the fashion enthusiast with 500+ boutiques and 3000+ designers. They will leverage Donde’s support of more than 15,000 different product features across the fashion categories to offer a leading edge digital commerce shopping experience.

Due to COVID-19, shopping has shifted mainly online, and consumer preferences have changed. Indie boutiques and designers needed an online presence (now more than ever) and found it on In marketplaces with a large variety of items, there is a challenge to help consumers find the item they want, and their preferred designs. Also, the items data is not consistent and unified, for example, a “Jumpsuit” can be “Overall”, “Balloon sleeve” can be defined as “Puffed sleeve”, “Bardot” as “Open shoulder” etc., these are all used interchangeably, challenging shoppers to filter and search only in a unified way. Using computer vision and AI to automatically tag items creates a unified catalog even from several merchants using different terms.

Donde Deep Tagging_2

“We selected Donde Search to power our Product Discovery after benchmarking and evaluating several options” said Sunil Gowda, Co-Founder & CEO at Garmentory. “Donde’s offering includes innovative solutions that solve the marketplace’s real needs. Automating the tagging process and extracting a rich set of attributes is only the first step in a great partnership.”

Garmentory started by implementing deep tagging and using the rich and accurate tags for search and discovery. Donde’s solution adds more than 20 features per fashion category and a classification coverage of more than 95% for every attribute. By understanding the shopper intent with each click, Garmentory will also offer personalized similar styles recommendations that shoppers are most likely to buy. Donde’s intuitive Visual Search Navigation tool, using visual cues rather than words will be integrated in the future as well. 

“We are excited to join forces with Garmentory and transform the online shopping experience using innovative AI Visual technologies.” said Liat Zakay, Founder & CEO at Donde Search. “Now that online shopping is playing a big role in “the new normal”, and online shops and marketplaces will naturally grow, we are confident with the value that AI Visual Discovery adds to consumer experience, and to retailers conversion rates and sales”.

The rich and accurate data enables product tagging at scale to accelerate product online readiness and boost SEO by 22% from organic search, and 15-35% uplift in text search relevancy. Donde had already seen great results with leading retailers and significantly increased sales conversions and Average Order Value by up to 20%.

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